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Enjoy the ride up to Bussalp, Waldspitz or Grosse Scheidegg - Meiringen.
The alpine mountain flowers start to blossom at every stage - don't miss it!

Road Works Grabenstrasse

From Monday, 3rd April 2017 - Friday, 30th June 2017 the bus runs via Endweg, Grund, Aspi to Gletscherschlucht (the bus stopp Mettenberg, Mettenbergbrücke are closed.)

The Line to Itramen (Linie 123) is serviced via Stopp Pfingsteggbahn during above mentionned periode.

From Monday, 3rd July 2017, the road constructions continue from above  Pfingsteggbahn until Kirche. The Line 122 will then go via Haus „Schlegel“ direct to Pfingsteggbahn. (Bus Stop Kirche will not be Serviced by Line 122).

Special time table during Road Construction

We`re looking forward to welcome you in Grindelwald!

For more Information please contact  +41 (0)33 854 16 16.

Mountain Lines | Excursions Grindelwald

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Mountain Line 126: Grindelwald - Bussalp

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Mountain Line 128: Grindelwald - Grosse Scheidegg

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Mountain Line 127: Grindelwald - Waldspitz

Local Bus Grindelwald

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Line 121: Männlichenbahn - Ob. Gletscher

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Line 122: Gletscherschlucht - Bodmi

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Line 123: Kirche - Itramen, Egg


Line 124: Stutz - Bodmi


Line 125: Bahnhof - Oberäll

Attention: All information subject to change