We offer a wide range of sledges and toboggans at our rental office in Bussalp. We even have sledges with children’s seats for our smallest guests. All of our equipment is rented by the day. Return locations are at the bus stops along the route or at the Bärplatz in Grindelwald.

Sledge Bachmann

Sledge "Bachmann"
CHF 14.00

Sledge Kathreiner

Sledge "Kathreiner"
CHF 14.00

Sledge Torggler

Sledge "Torggler"
CHF 14.00

Sledge Torggler 2-seats

Sledge "Torggler 2-seats" *
CHF 18.00

Sport sledge Torggler

Sport-sledge "Torggler" **
CHF 20.00

Davoser sledge

Davoser sledge
CHF 10.00

Davoser 2-seats

Davoser sledge 2-seats
CHF 14.00