The unique experience with a mountain scooter from Bussalp to Grindelwald!
We`re offering a 8 kilometers scooter downhill ride accompanied by mountain meadows and spectacular view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The ultimate experience for young and old. Ride with us!

Your scooter downhill ride by Monstertrotti

Zoom: Monster Mountain Scooter Grindelwald

Rent your mountain scooter

Pick up your mountain scooter at the mountain restaurant Bussalp and return the vehicle after your ride at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Grindelwald.

Reservation for groups necessary!

Adult: CHF 18.00 | Children: CHF 15.00


Monster Ride shuttle Bussalp

We drive you from Grindelwald Station directly to Bussalp where you can pick up your mountain scooter.

Timetable Grindelwald - Bussalp

Mountain line 6 Summer

Low season: 19. Mai - 01. June 2018

High season: 02. June - 14. October 2018

Off season: 15. October - 21. October 2018

These timetables will be published in April 2018

Mountain Scooter packages in Grindelwald

Dinner Package
Bus ride, Dinner & Monster Ride | 10.6. bis 14.10.2017 | Thur - Sat
17.00 Mountain ride Grindelwald - Bussalp
18.00 Dinner mountain restaurant Bussalp
19.15 Scooter Ride Bussalp - Grindelwald
20.30 Return Scooter Hotel Schweizerhof Grindelwald

Adult: CHF 52.00 | Children: CHF 38.00

Early birds
First mountain ride & Monster Ride | 10.6. bis 14.10.2017 | Daily
08.45 Mountain ride Grindelwald - Bussalp
Afterwards Scooter ride Bussalp - Grindelwald

The mountain restaurant Bussalp offers per rented mountain scooter 1 coffee and 1 croissant

Regular bus ticket to bussalp & rental price mountain scooter

Important informations

Zoom: Scooter Downhill Grindelwald

Good shoes and according to the weather suitable clothing
(Clothes and shoes can get dirty!)

Safety rules | Oncoming traffic!
On the mountain scooter descents motor vehicles can come across your way. According to our traffic regulation a vehicle must be able to stop in an unclear situation/road section within semi-sight. These regulations also apply to mountain scooters.

Every user is responsible for his own illness and accident insurance cover (including sport accidents, i.e. those which happen while taking part in a form of outdoor sports). The use of mountain scooters takes place on own risk and danger. The operator Autoverkehr Grindelwald AG as well as the commune Grindelwald decline any liability.